In my job, every time when I’m looking for a horse for my clients, I’m trying my best to find a perfect match. To find a horse, which will meet their expectations and goals in all aspects, no matter if the goal is a young prospect for the future, top quality high level jumper, school master or an amateur horse. The aim is always the same - find a horse they are dreaming about. It is not an easy task, but by taking time, listening carefully and setting the goal based on sincerity and loyalty - absolutely possible to achieve! In the end of this long process, completed successfully by finding a perfect match, the best reward for me is to see my clients happy and fully satisfied with their new horse.

But some of these stories are more special than others... they touch my heart, evoke emotions, recall memories from my younghood, when I was totally determined and passionated about horses, despite many dissapointments caused by lack of knowledge and experience in this tough horse world. And this story is one of those...

A young girl from Cracow. Full of passion, determination and courage to decide for herself and to fight for her dreams on her own terms. Strong, independent, full of positive energy and faith in what seemed to be impossible to find in the past, will be possible to find with my little help. She called, she talked and two weeks later, during pandemic time, she landed in Belgium. First meet, first talk, first trial and first match! Because sometimes we just deserve for a little bit of magic

Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing the best of luck and success for this new girls couple - Julita & Inadja

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